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Hello and Welcome! 

I am an Equine and Pet photographer located in Pittsburgh, PA.  Growing up, I have always held photographs close to my heart.  From getting my film developed until now in the digital world, I will never get tired of capturing moments that should be remembered for years to come.  I started DSLR photography in 2011 and photographed a wide variety of genres, from newborns to weddings and everything in between.  In 2015 I took things to a professional level and today I concentrate on pets and equine (both domestic and wild).  For the last several years, I have been learning, growing and following my creative dream as a photographer. 


I'm kind of city, but kind of country. Sometimes a homebody, but I also love to travel and go on adventures with my husband.  My two pups also keep me quite busy and there is nothing like a good puppy snuggle to end the day.  I am also a horse lover and advocate for America's Wild Horses.   

A quote by Martin Buber says, "An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language."  As an animal lover myself, I know the connection that can be made with an animal.  It is an incredible feeling and in my case I have grown personally from my connections with certain animals in my life.  I want that to be shown through my photography.



A photograph isn't about the snap of a button, but more envisioning and creating the art.  I want to help you embrace the unforgettable moments in your life, so that you can look back and remember the priceless and happy times.  I strive to capture the true connection for all to see.  Each session is about the client and making sure their experience is memorable.

Let's take this journey and the open road is ours to experience, create and fulfill.


Photo by: Bella Reese Photography

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